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Daniel Andreas CV

video editor, motion graphics (2D, 3D & Stopmotion), video mapping ...

- Daniel was born in Santiago de Chile and studied in the Principality of Andorra. He specialized in Postproduction, Editing and Sound at the Center d'Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya (C.E.C.C.), Barcelona. Throughout his youth he generated audiovisual products for a YouTube channel with playmobil figures using the stop motion animation technique.

- Premiere in 2010 of the stop motion film SWEENEY TODD at the La Massana Comic Museum, Andorra.

- In 2011, at age 21, director and producer of the first youth television series, ART DE GARATGE, broadcast by Andorra Televisió and YouTube.

- During September 2012, participate in the first world event of young artists, WORLD EVENT YOUNG ARTIST (WEYA) at the Cultural Olympiad in Nottingham (United Kingdom) with the project / Ti'tano / Little Constellation on behalf of Andorra.

- 2013, Andorran artist invited to LISTHATID - International Festival of Artists of Reykjavík (Iceland) with the project SUBJECTIVE MAPS / DISAPPEARANCES of Little Constellation.

- 2014 creator, director and producer of the multimedia show CLOWN PALACE, in collaboration with several artists from Canada and Andorra; with the support of the Government of Andorra and the municipality of La Massana.

- In March 2015, he is part of the jury of the ULLNU Festival.

- In September 2016, executive producer of the short film IMPACTO registered in Andorra. Now available on AMAZOON PRIME VIDEO.

- In November 2016, he premiered the documentary CODE ICTUS with the Jaqueline Pradére Foundation.

- In November 2016, he was a member of the jury of the 25th SEQUENCE International Short Film Festival in Toulouse (France).

- In December 2016, filmmaker of the first CHRISTMAS MAPPING in the center of Andorra la Vella with Pyrénées Andorra and the municipality of Andorra La Vella on the facade of the old cinemas.

- 2017, producer of the short film EXILE, part of the EUROPA film project, recorded throughout Catalonia.

- June 2017 creative audiovisual director of the documentary "FAMILIAS DE ACOGIDA, a hidden treasure" with the support of the Jaqueline Pradére Foundation, the Government of Andorra - Ministry of Social Affairs, Justice and Home Affairs and GMP - Department stores Pyrénées Andorra .

- December 2017 launches GINNUNGAGAP, creative artist in Toronto (Canada), director and executive producer in Andorra of an innovative show that combines artists, technicians and audience on stage. The problematic between the viewer and the artist's point of view is questioned. Digital concert with contemporary dance that proposes a trip to the creation of the universe through the Nordic legends.

- Winter 2020 - Audiovisual teacher at Stars Academy Andorra, by Susanne Georgi. Promoting video editing and knowledge of the creation of audiovisual for social networks and more, all in English.

- Summer 2020 artistic and creative director of ANIQA DEAR - Andorra Show. New multimedia show. Production scheduled to be released in August of the same year.

- End of 2020 - Audiovisual maker of the mapping of the theater play Els Pastorets de Sant Julià

- Winter 2021 - Script in the film - El Fred que Crema / The Burning Cold by Santi Trullenque.

- Summer 2021 - Digital Animation at Andorra Pavilion Mapping - Expo 2020 Dubai

- Freelance video editor.

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