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Four women and the sun


Author: Jordi Pere Cerdà

Direction: Roger Casamajor

Performers: Annabel Castan, Irina Robles, Jèssica Casal and Núria Montes


Audiovisual creation: Hector Mas and Daniel Arellano


The action takes place in a small town in the Pyrenees isolated by the orography, the cold, the snow and the mist. The young people of the village are at war, and Jan, the father, has gone to find a boy to help them with the tasks in the fields. The arrival of a young man will disrupt the orderly life of the house and of the four women in the family. A love triangle from years ago seems to be repeating itself between Margarita, Vicenta, and Batista, the waiter they had hired for the summer. This year, the conflict arises between Adriana, Margarita's daughter, and Bepa, the wife of her son, who has been imprisoned in the armed struggle. The arrival of the new waiter awakens the most intimate desires of the two young women of the house, who see him as an open door to their desire for freedom.

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