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Immersive experience with

PLAYMOBIL® toys and video mapping projections

CINEMANO® Playmobil Films and Dandream Films & Shows


Description of each of the parts that make up the immersive experience of 'Pocket Mapping - Pirates'


Monitor with stop-motion animations that explains the duration, route and safety tips within the spaces of the experience.


Playmobil diorama of Port Tortuga, the most famous pirate port in the world and presentation of Captain Beard Koa in XL format with projections on his face that give him his own life.



The most immersive visual part of the experience. We reduce ourselves to the 7.5 cm height of the Playmobil clicks to enter the boat with the captain, who will take us to sail on the high seas, where there will be battles, sharks, sirens and much more. A room with special effects of smoke from shows and bubbles that help to immerse us fully in history.


The magic continues with a full-scale replica of a Playmobil treasure inside a cave where we join the pirates to celebrate finding the treasure.
Moment and space to be able to take souvenir photos (Photocall).

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-02 a las 14.38.33.png
Captura de pantalla 2024-01-02 a las 14.48.41.png


- Representation space: Minimum 9 x 9 meters. Possibility to set up the installation in any transparent or dark space.

- Duration of the Show: 8 hours of installation, shows every 5 minutes (lunch break of 1 or 2 hours to be agreed)

- Technical equipment: Two tables and two chairs. Everything else is the company's own material.

- Indispensable: Total darkness for the optimal functioning of the 5 projectors that make up the visual proposal. Power outlet

- Assembly time: 4 hours minimum
- Undressing time: 2 hours maximum



Koa Beard Pirate - Jim Sorribas
The fearsome Pirate Boy - Mauro Brunori Sirenas - Roser Gelis, Bruguers Gelis

Script and direction
Daniel Andreas Arellano Mesina and Josep Maria Sorribas Soler

Executive production and production design: CINEMANO playmobil films
DANDREAM films & shows

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